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Pascal Quadro’s Coming March 2017 – GP100 P4000 P2000

P2000 & P4000

At the mid-range of the market are the Quadro P4000 and P2000. As the more powerful of the two, the Quadro P4000 is based on a cut-down GP104 GPU, the same GPU used in the Quadro P5000. However unlike the P5000, the P4000 has been cut down to size as a single-slot card. With respect to performance on paper it should deliver right around 2x the performance of the M4000, and it can do so with a TDP of 105W, 15W lower than its predecessor. It is also the lower-tier card that NVIDIA still classifies as VR ready; below the P4000 they don’t recommend their cards for VR development.

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How bad is the Mac Pro 2013 in 2017.

So we recently got our hands on Dell’s Alienware Alpha R2 its a $950us/$1500au console sized PC the same footprint as a Mac Mini but a gaming orientated machine. As we all know by now “gaming” can also translate…


Nvidia Tesla S1070

I have been lucky enough to receive a Tesla S1070 from Ideabox Computers, According to them there a Brand New although from 2008 they were never used and from looking inside the box that statement is true, They are…


Quest for cheap PCIe expansion

So PCIe expansion is expensive, For the most part the actual parts are costly you require a PLX chip to split the lanes and these chips can cost $100 each and thats just the chip so thats why things…

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The MAC PRO we all want…

A user by the name of pethenis posted over at macrumours a concept of a new Mac Pro. Yes its everything we dreamed of. As far as concept goes this is probably exactly what everyone wants but as far as Apple…

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GTX 1060 COMPUTE Benchmarks

GTX 1060 COMPUTE Benchmarks You can watch our YouTube video on the topic click the link below. GTX 1060 v RX480 v GTX 980 – Compute – Premiere Pro / DaVinci Resolve / Photoshop Benchmarks So given the RX…