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How bad is the Mac Pro 2013 in 2017.

So we recently got our hands on Dell’s Alienware Alpha R2 its a $950us/$1500au console sized PC the same footprint as a Mac Mini but a gaming orientated machine. As we all know by now “gaming” can also translate to a good compute unit so we though we would go head to head with the Mac Pro 2013 a 4 year old machine Apple still retail for $3000us/$4900au workstation. Its a machine that shouldve been upgraded around 2 years ago.

Dell Alienware Alpha R2 v Apple Mac Pro 2013 – Compute – Davinci Resolve – Adobe Benchmarks

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GPU Benchmarks

Clash of the TITANS!!!


Maxwell v Pascal 

You can watch our YouTube video on the topic click the link below.

Clash of the Titans – Titan X vs Titan X – Pascal v Maxwell – Premiere Pro Davinci Resolve

Another year another Titan this year we got the Pascal version of the Titan X (Yes same name as the Maxwell) it may confuse most on the naming schedule that nvidia has chosen but that hasn’t stopped people naming it the GTX TITAN XP for ease of knowing they are talking about the pascal variant of the Titan.

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