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Clash of the TITANS!!!


Maxwell v Pascal 

You can watch our YouTube video on the topic click the link below.

Clash of the Titans – Titan X vs Titan X – Pascal v Maxwell – Premiere Pro Davinci Resolve

Another year another Titan this year we got the Pascal version of the Titan X (Yes same name as the Maxwell) it may confuse most on the naming schedule that nvidia has chosen but that hasn’t stopped people naming it the GTX TITAN XP for ease of knowing they are talking about the pascal variant of the Titan.


6700k – 32gb DDR4 – SM961 SSD

We ran some synthetic tests below; Geekbench , Luxmark , Cinebench & GPUTest

As expected the Pascal Titan X pulls ahead here by up to 35% improvement over its Maxwell counterpart.

Now to some “Real World” test; Blackmagic’s Davinci Resolve and Adobe Premiere Pro and Photoshop

Here we see less of an improvement over the Maxwell. This is due to CPU limitation and the fact we are starting to hit our limits with GPU acceleration. In saying that obviously a 24-core system would accelerate these encode tests faster than whats above but that wouldn’t be GPU accelerated.

Now to the “Candle Light” test; Blackmagic’s Davinci Resolve

We only see the GTX Titan X pull ahead when we put a lot of processing on the nodes. A 20% improvement over the Maxwell here.


While we see a gain in performance and the pricing is in line with that. Good ol Nvidia 🙂 i personally wouldnt upgrade from a Maxwell to a Pascal Titan X for Video work. The Maxwell is still a powerful card and the 12gb VRam is plenty for 6k Red workflow so i wouldnt rush.

As always thanks for reading & watching

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