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Nvidia GRID M40 16gb

So, We got our hands on a NVIDIA Grid GPU we cant wait to test this out for Video Encoding. NVIDIA is pretty silent on these as they are a HPE part and only sold by OEM partners. Cant wait to test out with OTOY’s Octane Render and Davinci Resolve and see where it stands against some other GPU’s. Below is some specs we gathered from the internet for the card.



Quad GPU Card

4x GM107L  ( NVIDIA Quadro K2200 )

4gb VRAM each (total 16gb VRAM)

Clock Speed – 1032MHz

640 CUDA cores (total of 2560 on the card)

25-30w per GPU (120-140W total)

Intresting card i think could be useful in if you had 2 of these and had a Eight GPU System and used it for easyDCP encoding. Only testing will tell il report back when i have more information.


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