Nvidia Tesla S1070

I have been lucky enough to receive a Tesla S1070 from Ideabox Computers, According to them there a Brand New although from 2008 they were never used and from looking inside the box that statement is true, They are in immaculate condition.

What are they? Well Nvidia released during the late 2000’s PCIe expansion systems loaded with GPU’s they have gotten out of that business in recent years in favour of servers stacked with 8 GPU’s. They are essentially just like a Cubix where you can add more PCIe lanes through external cables. The Tesla S1070 has 4 M1060 4gb GPU’s installed and for a total of 1Tflop of FP32 which isn’t great today given the GTX Titan X Pascal is running 11Tflops on its own.

My goal is to see if you can load them with Pascal series GPU’s my only concern is the fact they are a 1U chassis and from looking inside they use counter turning fans which means they are going to be VERY loud. If any one has heard a 1U chassis before try doubling the sound for counter turning fans.

Ideabox say they are going to be selling off whatever stock they have at $799aud which is quite a drop down in price compared to the $8999us they demanded in 2008 and 2009.

Im off for now going to try and get these working 🙂 will report any info i find here.

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