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Titan X v Titan X

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Galax create a single slot GTX 1070 GPU

Finally a high powered single slot card. This is something i have been dreaming about for long time. As you have seen the best price to performance in Octane Render and Davinci Resolve has been the GTX 1070 8gb…

GPU Benchmarks

DUAL RX480 Compute Benchmarks

DUAL RX480 Compute Benchmarks You can watch our YouTube video on the topic click the link below. 2x RX480 v GTX 1070 – Compute – Premiere Pro / DaVinci Resolve / Photoshop Benchmarks So given the RX 480’s performance…

GPU News

Nvidia GRID M40 16gb

So, We got our hands on a NVIDIA Grid GPU we cant wait to test this out for Video Encoding. NVIDIA is pretty silent on these as they are a HPE part and only sold by OEM partners. Cant…

GPU Benchmarks

Clash of the TITANS!!!

NVIDIA GTX TITAN X v TITAN X Maxwell v Pascal  You can watch our YouTube video on the topic click the link below. Clash of the Titans – Titan X vs Titan X – Pascal v Maxwell – Premiere…

GPU News

AMD Radeon Instinct

With the launch of their Polaris family of GPUs earlier this year, much of AMD’s public focus in this space has been on the consumer side of matters. However now with the consumer launch behind them, AMD’s attention has…


AMD Zen – Codename RYZEN

First benchmarks are in and put the 8-core Zen only marginally faster than the 6900k Blender; benchmark, Zen @ 3.4 Base clock, and no boost matches i7 6900K at stock clocks 3.2 GHz/3.7 Turbo. Handbrake; it transcodes 5 secs…