Quest for cheap PCIe expansion

So PCIe expansion is expensive, For the most part the actual parts are costly you require a PLX chip to split the lanes and these chips can cost $100 each and thats just the chip so thats why things like Cubix and One Stop Systems charge so much for there expansion units. Lets not forget the cables are $400+ due to Molex having the proprietary connection for PCIe extension.

Then there is companies like Amfeltec who do some more cost effective options but are less pretty and exposed. We will be reviewing an Amfeltec from Ideabox Computers in the coming 2-3 weeks so stay tuned.

In the meantime i found this product for $30us so i bought it. Its from Sintech and there name for it is – PCIe 3 port 1X multiplier riser.

Its using a USB 3.0 cable for data which is interesting can it even supply PCIe bandwidth was my first question, Second is the bandwidth looking into the spec its roughly 450Mb/s which isn’t bad given Amfeltec sell the GPU Cluster at $500 with the same bandwidth.

I mean at $30 you cant go wrong. The main fact is it does have a PLX Chip so this is vital for PCIe splitting without a PLX your motherboard would have to support PCIe Burification and thats a whole other topic maybe il cover it one day.

So when it arrived i searched the PLX chip part number and found a seller of the chip and they had the spec sheet there, Reading through it certainly has the specs needed for what i want see pic below: (Here is the spec sheet)

Overall i want to convert a mITX case with 3 GPU’s and i will record and post all about it soon so you could build your own.

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