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The MAC PRO we all want…

A user by the name of pethenis posted over at macrumours a concept of a new Mac Pro.

Yes its everything we dreamed of. As far as concept goes this is probably exactly what everyone wants but as far as Apple implementing anything remotely like this is by far no chance. Which is very sad actually because for so long they where actually a competitive workstation builder but now are not and it seems more and more likely that they dont want anything to do with that market. The photos of the concept are a must see.

But what does he mean? Well get ready to drool my friends,

Dual M.2 NVME Drives and 4x Sata 6Gb/s slots

Given the capacity of 2.5″ drives now with Samsung up to 4tb with there 850 evo series this means 16TB of storage. Imagining having Raid 5 at 1500Mb/s with 12tb of psd storage would be a dream in the Post Production industry.

But wait what about GPU’s you ask? Well sit down for this….

2 yes 2, Standard PCIe GPU’s – Imagine Dual Titan X Pascals in a Mac Pro… WOW is all i can say… Having 22 tflops of FP32 would be absolutely killer.

And for I/O

I personally think keeping TB2 is a great idea, Especially for all the users who have invested large amounts of money in the technology it would incise them to upgrade faster. Not that they have been waiting or anything like that…

Below are the last 2 images from please visit the site and give him a shout out on your social pages i think his done a great job hopefully Apple see it and do something with these. Maybe give Ive the flick and get this guy on board ;P

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    March 13, 2017 at 2:28 am

    Your Assumption is to assume that apple will sell a product with more than one plx chip…? Your current setup suggests, 1: thunderbolt 3 port = PCIe 4x(8) = 32 Lanes, + another 16 lanes for two gpu’s running at PCIe 8x(2) = 16 lanes unless both at full capacity another 32 lanes at the moment this equals any where from 48 – 64 lanes requires not to mention the new NVMe SSD = 4 lanes depending on it’s south bridge config sooo…. assuming that apple would put approx 3 to 4 plx chips inside a case that would be incapable of cooling such stress is far fetched… unless they went deeper into unchartered territory and used either mellanox, one stop systems, or so on chips created for large quantity of PCIe trafficking than it’s a bust. would be cool though.

    The only reason apple was able to pull of the new MacBook Pro Late 2016 model was by reducing the gpu power #pcie lanes to accommodate for the 4 thunderbolt 3 in mirrored link and NVMe because of the PLX on board would look something like this… 8x by 8x by 4x lanes.

    Apple’s computers are so expensive because of the hardware they use under the hood to give an experience like no other. Technology is changing like everything else… but faster.

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