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Will AMD’s Vega Pose a Threat to NVIDIA’s GPU Dominance?

Set to be released sometime in the first half of this year, AMD’s newest GPU architecture — known as Vega — is designed to tackle complex computing challenges in not only gaming but in graphics design and machine intelligence, the company said yesterday.

AMD’s preview of Vega was short on some details such as when exactly it will hit the market and how it will be priced. However, the company described some of the new GPU’s highlights, including a new memory architecture, an advanced pixel engine and improvements in the compute engine and geometry pipeline.

Vega’s architecture is aimed at improving the handling of data-intensive workloads that previous GPU designs haven’t been able to manage effectively, according to AMD. In development over the past five years, Vega “enables new possibilities in PC gaming, professional design and machine intelligence,” the company said.

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